M45: The Pleiades 2015

M45: Pleiades

M45: The Pleiades 2015

Messier Object 45, known as the Pleiades, is an open cluster in the constellation of Taurus. At around 440 light years from Earth, it is one of the nearest open clusters to us. The cluster is comprised of very hot B type stars, which are very luminous and very blue. It is one of the few open clusters that is very visible to the naked eye, though the associated nebulousity is difficult to make out in all but the darkest skies.

One of the most famous clusters, the Pleiades dominate winter skies in the Northern hemisphere, and have been part of lore and legend in many cultures around the world. Alternate names that many are familiar with include the Seven Sisters, Subaru, or Naheed.

Claustonberry Observatory has imaged the Pleiades several times, but this marks the first image with the 127 Apochromatic Triplet and CCD camera. It is a much tighter view of part of the cluster, vs. previous images with ED80 showing a wider field.

Image & Equipment Details:
Date: 12/4/15
RGB Image, 270 minutes total light integration
R: 9X600s Bin 1X1
G: 9X600s Bin 1X1
B: 9X600s Bin 1X1
Calibrated with bias, flat, and dark frames
Processed in PixInsight
Temp: -30C

Imaging Scope: Explore Scientific 127CF Apochromatic Triplet
Imaging Camera: SBIG STF-8300M

Annotated Image: