Welcome to the Claustonberry Observatory


Welcome to the Homepage of the Claustonberry Observatory.  Here you will find the astrophotography works collected at our observing site south of Marengo, Illinois, USA.

The Observatory started collecting images in the spring of 2013, and since then  has undergone many changes and upgrades.  Additional information about the observatory, as well as the equipment  and software employed, can be found in the ‘About Us‘ section of the website.

You can connect with us via Twitter, Youtube, or Flickr to view our extensive catalog of images over the previous years.

Interested in using one of our images?

We will grant permission to use our copyrighted images as long as the image or use there of is not monetized. We request that images be credited to the Claustonberry Observatory, and that you contact us to let us know if you intend to use an image.

Thanks for stopping in and enjoy the images!

M33: Triangulum Galaxy

M33: Triangulum Galaxy

A composite image of some of the galaxies we have imaged